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We have over 30 years of experience catering to parties and events. We take pride in elevating the festive atmosphere and preparing delectable menus.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Cravings Cakes, Pastries, and Desserts.

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"Thanks so much for the yummy Cravings food that goes with good packaging and awesome service."
- Lizzie Hermosura

“My family is a tough group of customers when it comes to food. They can only be satisfied with high quality ingredients, intelligent creativity, genuine care and very fine taste, all at reasonable cost . Only home cooking can meet all of those criteria. It was a very good decision for us to work with Cravings for our meals. Cravings had proven to have the energy, passion, and capability to meet my family’s tough benchmarks. We wish that all families can experience the joy of family meals that food from Cravings give. “
- Chato Cole-Alfaro